Not all art is framed
Belfast is putting its best foot forward with the #CityAsAGallery Initiative. 
“Art isn’t just something that is found in galleries. Art is everywhere. You can find it on our streets, in our parks, on the buildings that surround us. It is what helps give Belfast its unique character.” Belfast City Council & PLACE NI
Now, for visitors and residents alike, the perception of Northern Ireland’s public art is largely dominated by the murals and the odd bit of wise-craic graffiti. But the city of Belfast has so much more on offer, that often gets overlooked, as Lord Mayor, Councillor Arder Carson commented:  “Our city is bursting with vibrant examples of all sorts of artwork that surrounds us in our daily lives, from historic carvings in our architecture to hand-painted shop signs. The City As A Gallery programme is designed to get us all exploring, and talking about, this artwork all around us.”
We wanted in on the action, and so proposed a series of footprints that highlight public art. In our car-obsessed cities, streets are thought of as mere thoroughfares; a way to get from A to B, an inconvenient time waster as you wait to arrive at your destination. Our goal, as always, is to encourage people to find renewed perspectives of their urban spheres; to see the little, see the everyday, see the strange. 
The City as A Gallery programme will be including our conspicuous yellow blobs as part of their alternative public art map which features 100 unusual artworks that are unique to Belfast.
These vinyl ‘stickers’ will be positioned from 23rd September until 24th October along a route running from Botanic gardens in south Belfast to the Waterworks park in north Belfast.Should you come across one – be sure and tweet your discovery with the hashtag #CityAsAGallery

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